Four Types of Flowers That are Easy to Plant for Beginners  

Lawn care is a task that is very intimidating to do, especially if you are a beginner. It could be not easy if you try and think about it because there are so many things that you should consider, such as the source of water, healthy soil, proper landscape, garden beautification, and the kind of plants you will plant in that space in your lawn. 

These things are very intimidating at first because you all have to make sure that you consider them before you start planting randomly on your lawn. Planting is a task that is not for the faint-hearted. You should have courage, determination, and patience to make this happen. Suppose you want to beautify your garden and plant the plants in it on your own. In that case, you should have the courage to do it even if you know it is hard, you should have the determination to finish it as beautifully as you can, and you should be patient to wait for these plants to grow and reach their full potential.    

Therefore, if you want to plant flowers on your lawn, you should start right now. It is not something that grows in an instant like the beans that jack was keeping. It would take some time for it to grow, and you have to wait for it to reach its full potential. Your patience would be tested. Thus, prepare every ounce of patience that you have while not giving up on taking care of it. You could try and water it properly based on what it needs, expose it to the sun depending on what it demands, and you could also put some natural fertilizers to help it grow faster.   

To start your lawn care journey, we are going to recommend four types of flowers that are easy to plant for beginners just like you:  

  1. SNAPDRAGONS: If you want a flower with very dainty and soft-colored flowers, you should go for this kind. This flower has cream and pink flowers that attract so many butterflies because of its sweet nectar. This kind of flower will still survive even during challenging weather.   
  1. SALVIA: When you love the color purple, this one is the best one for you. This flower has purple flowers that are just absolutely stunning in every garden it is planted. This type of flower can survive even in a drought.   
  1. MARIGOLDS: Marigolds’ color is very obvious from its name; GOLD. It has yellow gold flowers that could easily light up any garden to where it is planted. These flowers can bloom from the start to the end of the summer season, which tells you that it likes the sun’s heat.   
  1. PHLOX: Do you want some white flowers in your garden for contrast? If you do, you should plant some phlox in your garden because it will not only sit well with other colored flowers but is also very fragrant and good-smelling.   

These flowers will be gorgeous for your lawn.